About ChefBox by El Tenedor

Picture of Bouillabaisse over white cloth table.

ChefBox by El Tenedor is a prepared packaged casual 4-course dinner for you to heat and eat.

We source fresh, quality ingredients, and deliver your menu selection precisely portioned for each dish right to your door.

Why order ChefBox

ChefBox is easy and convenient

Our menu options fit your preferences: Carnivore, Vegetarian, or pescatarian.

We save you the time of finding new recipes, going to the grocery, and cooking for scratch.

Chef curated menus with restaurant-quality perfectly paired with wine.

How does ChefBox work?

✓Order, receive, and unpack your ChefBox

✓Follow the instructions to heat your dinner

✓Open the bottle of wine. Plate the food, take pictures of it and share them

✓Eat, drink, enjoy

✓Order again

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