SOLD – ChefBox for 2: Dinner and bottle of wine – Week March 11-14


In the ChefBox.

  • Green salad: slaw-peaches salad.
  • Appetizer (carnivore menu) – foie gras and orange parfait: caramelized foie gras parfait and orange gel.
  • Appetizer (pescatarian / Vegetarian menus) – butter-poached cauliflower: finished with pineapple-truffle sauce
  • Dessert – lime “mojito” mousse: rum caramel, lime, sugar cane mousse, mint.

Main Course options

  • Carnivore-smoked brisket: slowly cooked and flavourful seasoned brisket to finish in the oven or grill. Served with wrinkle potatoes and mojo Verde Canary Island sauce.
  • Pescatarian – fideuá: think seafood paella but with short baked pasta.
  • Vegetarian – mushrooms and lentils cannelloni: house-made pasta, finished with Chardonnay and saffron reduction.

ChefBox include

  • Sparkling water, demi-baguette, butter.

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Dinner and wine for two, Dinner and wine pairing for two

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In the oven, Item is ready to serve

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Carnivore, Pescetarian, Vegetarian

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