Main Course: Bouillabaisse


Bouillabaisse, a fish in a stew dish, is one of the classics of the cuisine of Marseille, Provence. The name originated from the local term ‘bolhabaissa,’ which is two verbs ‘bolh’ (to boil) and ‘abaissa’ (simmer).

The dish was created from leftover fish from the fishermen in the Provence ports, which allowed them to have a meal when they arrived at the port, using cheaper fish like rockfish and shellfish. As a result, bouillabaisse does not have a specific recipe to be made up of different ingredients. This also varies in Provence restaurants and anywhere else, particularly in the South of France, that serves bouillabaisse and varying quality and flavours.

For this version: Barramundi, hake and rockfish. In delicate fennel, tomato, orange zest broth. Finish with crostini and alioli.

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