Main Course: Roasted duck leg, orange’s sauce


Roasted Muscovy duck leg, orange sauce and roasted potatoes. The classic “Duck Bigarade inspires this dish,” a nineteenth-century recipe that ultimately became the legendary canard a l’orange. In this lighter version, an orange jus reduction with little Cointreau and spices rounds the flavour of the roasted duck.

For pairing it, definitely try the Primitivo di Manduria or the skin ferment New Zealand wine.


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Giné Giné Priorat D.O.Q - Limited edition

Generic characteristics: dry red wine with the ripe grape's aroma and fresh at the same time. Very fruity.

Pairing: above all, it is a wine characterized by its great versatility. It goes very well with floral notes, aromatic herbs, pepper, anise or cinnamon, balsamic touches, toasted hints, or touches of patisserie. It also combines with fleshy and filling fish. The most appropriate ways of cooking – it isn't easy to make a selection! It is a wine made to serve with everything. We could talk about boiled and stewed dishes, spicy foods and risotto.

Region: Priorat DOQ, Spain
Grapes: Garnacha, Carignan
Colour: Deep ruby (almost purple)
Nose: Blackberry, blueberry, stewed black cherry, black licorice, eucalyptus, sasparilla (cola), dusty, slate, dry earth

Acid: high Tannins: high Alcohol: high (15%) Body: med + Finish: med +
Palate: Blackberry, black cherry, red pepper, black pepper, stewed fruit, baking spices, vanilla, slate

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